Samsung Galaxy A10e - Filtered (Verizon)

This Samsung Galaxy A10e, compatible with Verizon, has been equipped with a custom filter, that can be customized to YOUR liking. We will be able to install or remove, the EXACT apps, that meet your needs, for the initial install. If you ever have any issues, you can reach out through the Kosher Mobile custom chat feature for support, and one of our designated customer representatives will be able to resolve any issue you may have. You will receive a follow up email, with a link to a form where you can select the apps that you would like, and then the device will be shipped out ready to be utilized right out of the box.

Additional Information

Like New - Mint Condition
Filter Type
Kosher Mobile CUSTOM Filter
Storage/Phone Book Capacity
Battery Capacity
Carrier Compatibility
Camera (Front/Back)
VoLTE (4G) (High Def. Calling), Bluetooth, and WiFi